Monday, 2 April 2012

NYC – Washington DC via Princeton, NJ

We are currently in Washington DC.  We had such a great time driving here from Manhattan.  The trip took us a lot longer than expected because we stopped so many times.  We drove right through the township of Princeton in New Jersey which is where we lived way back before we had the kids. It was so funny driving past our old house (it was a ‘condo) and then walking though the township and visiting favourite stores, parks, houses, streets and places of interest.   We also took the kids to our favourite pancake place for lunch - P.J Pancakes on Nassau Street.  They enjoyed it was much as we did.  We also wandered through the Princeton campus.

 I guess you can see why it took us so long to get to our hotel.  In fact, we didn’t get to our hotel until around 1am!

Look at our tired little babies…

Washington DC has been fantastic.  We've been so lucky with the weather.  Although it has been cool, the sun has shone through and we've had blue skies ahead....lucky us! 

Our hotel has no wi-fi so I cannot update you from there.  Right now I am in the Apple Store in Georgetown.  We LOVE Georgetown.  We have been here twice in the last 48 hours.  Such a pretty part of Washington DC.

Tomorrow we fly to Orlando...yay!  
Disney World, here we come!

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