Tuesday, 10 April 2012

~Right Now~

Right now, I am...
~waiting for the rain to stop so we can get down to the pool area for our final swim in Hawaii.  This is the only day that it has rained the entire time we've been away.
~thinking how lucky we are that the weather has been so perfect.
~wondering how the kids will cope with the routine back home and returning to school next week.  We've had so much go on our travels that I think they'll be going back to school with many stories to share with their teachers and friends.
~grateful for the family time that we have had together.  Family time is priceless - not just with our little family of four but with my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. 
~reeling from all the good food, sites and times we've experienced during our travels. 
~listening to birds chirp outside my window.   
~counting the number of books I got to read while we traveled - 3! 
~confirming that walking is good for the soul and for having good conversation with the kids.  It's amazing what they talk about as you stroll along. 
~making plans to continue our family walks when we return home
~thinking we're incredibly lucky to have had such a seamless trip.  Nothing (bar one flight which was rectified quickly) went wrong.
~deciding on our next family trip.  We've all caught the travel bug.
~getting excited about returning home and catching up with friends.
~wanting to do some knitting on the plane.  I've missed my sewing and knitting a lot and can't wait to get back into the routine of it.
~hearing what I have to sew for Gracie's new doll, McKenna.  She has big plans for matching outfits for the two of them.
~leaving our room to go for a swim...hooray!  The rain has eased.

:: wishing you all a lovely day.

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