Thursday, 26 April 2012

Mother's Day

Did you realise that Mother's Day is approaching fast?  May 13 to be exact (also my little sister's birthday and the day after Martin's 40th).  Anyway, when I was teaching, it was about this time that I would scour through craft magazines, teaching resources and rack my brain to come up with thoughtful but useful gifts for my student's to make for their mother's/carers.

I am not teaching this year so I can relax a bit but I thought that I'd compile a few ideas of things that you can make for your own mum, or if you're a teacher, for your student's mother's/carers or even for a special grandmother or a neighbour.  As you know, I am all about things homemade.

I love these cute spa slippers from Flamingo Toes.  Easy to make and they'd go perfectly with the scrub that Grace and I made earlier this year.  Just what a Mummy needs!

Flickr Photo by Samantha (This Home Sweet Home)
Scrabble is a favourite game at our house and I love Scrabble crafts.  I also adore these Scrabble pendants .  The pendants are easy to make and I know a lot of mother's and grandmother's who would adore wearing them.  Scrabble tiles can be purchased in many places but I have bought some from Beads Online before.  They were good quality and arrived in the post 2 days after I submitted my order.

Flower Paper Canvas

These flowers are super easy for a child to make but I think they look so effective.  
My kids always make cards for special occasions and Mother's Day is a must for this in our house.  

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

I have made these a few times with classes that I have taught.  The kids love to decorate the tin, plant the seeds and watch them grow. The mother's/grandmother's/carers love receiving them.   

The kids and I will be making these on the weekend.
We intend to make them into bookmarks for my Mum and my Mother-In-Law.

Mason Jar Vase

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

If only we had family close by because I would love to take some beautiful flowers to my Mum and Martin's Mum for a table centre and enjoy a lunch together...if only! 
(FYI- Both Martin and my family live in Sydney - 880km's/550miles  away)


  1. Thanks for the ideas Jane! I love those fingerprint hearts. Is 'Sculpy' available in Australia do you know, or is there an alternative?
    Happy Mothers Day to you xo

    1. Juliet, I haven't tried it yet but I bought some Crayola Air Dried Moulding Clay. I will be making them on the weekend so I'll let you know how we go. BTW... I got the clay at Spotlight but I have seen it at target.

    2. Juliet, we made the fingerprint bookmarks on the weekend. Grace is still working on hers but Patrick's is complete. I hope to have a post on the finished product next week.

      BTW - The Crayola Air Dry Clay worked well. It was a bit dry but I added a bit of water and we could mould and shape it a lot better. We painted Modge Podge and glitter to make them extra special.