Friday, 13 April 2012

Coming Home

*Laundry - last night I dreamt about beautiful towers of folded laundry.  I also dreamt I was running through the clouds.  Surely these are signs that I need to get the laundry done and get back into my running routine.

*Read - The Marriage Plot  If you haven't read it, do.  It's a great book that has interesting characters and reads in an unhurried pace.  Perfect for holiday reading.

*Clothes - I only bought a few things while we were away.  Our trip was so busy that there was not a lot of time for shopping.  I must say, though, Anthropologie was my all time favourite store to visit.  The clothes remind me of France and I love walking through the store - so much to look at and fall in love with.  One good thing about getting home is unpacking a few new items for the wardrobe...hooray!

*Foxtel - so good to get home and catch up on my favourite shows.  Okay, confession, I am mostly catching up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (shh!).  

*Celebrating - While I was away I won two prizes.  Exciting!  My first one was some Dove Nourishing Hair Oil from Violet Le Beaux.  I also won two gorgeous prints from Spit and Giggle byDesign .  Lucky me!

*Inspiration - one of the highlights was watching the skillful women at our hotel in Orlando put together Easter floral arrangements.  Grace and I loved watching (and smelling) the fresh flowers being intertwined to make incredible displays.  The women took so much pride in their work and had obvious enjoyment as they created pieces of beauty.  I need to spend some time with my mum who makes beautiful floral arrangements and learn some tricks.  

*Groceries - we have just re-stocked the cupboards with some greatly missed Aussie foods - namely Vegemite, or "Aussie Gold" as the gentleman at the Qantas lounge in Honolulu called it.  When the kids spotted some at  the buffet, they both had such big smiles on their faces and insisted we cook some toast ASAP.  Simple things please!  While we were away their staple breakfast was a bagel with cream cheese.
*Bubble Bath - the loveliest thing about coming home is having time for a bubble bath.  Such a lovely treat.  I NEVER have a bath in hotels...gross!

*Sleep - not being able to sleep on the long flight home and the inflight entertainment being broken meant that I could spend time chatting and playing with the kids.  We made lots of find-a-words, crosswords, imagined objects in the clouds and read stories.  Ten - thirteen hours of uninterrupted  time with the kids is a real treat and I think they enjoyed it as much as we did.   Thankfully they went straight to sleep when we arrived home.  EXHAUSTED!

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