Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Twirly Skirt

I finished off the Twirly Skirt for Grace and she loves it.  It was a fun sew.  Here is Grace showing off her new attire...

Do you notice her sweet necklace?  I got it from GreenDDesign.  It's adorable and Grace thinks that it's wonderful.  Can't you see how much she loves it in the photo below?

Sorry about the blurry photo - it's an action shot.

In fact, she loves her twirly skirt so much she insisted on creating and sewing one for her 'baby', too.  She is hand sewing it all.  She has made a few things on my sewing machine but I am not ready to let her go free on my new one.

Sewing a dolly skirt for her 'baby'.
I LOVE watching her create and sew.  It reminds me of when I was young and the joy I had watching my Mum, Nanny and Mama create and then 'trying' to do something myself.  Aghh, good times.

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