Monday, 9 January 2012

A New Machine

I NEED a new sewing machine.  It is now off my want list and onto my NEED list.  My old Janome is on its last legs...literally.  It has been serviced twice and still manages to pucker and has even ruined some of my garments...ughh!

I have been reading review after review as to what machine would best suit my needs and is within my price range and the one that keeps ticking all the boxes is the Brother NV-400.

I was lucky enough to get some $$$ for my birthday so now I don't feel too guilty about spending so much money on a machine just for me...hooray!

I'm off to get it today and I feel like a kid in a candy shop - I'm so excited. 

Now what will I sew first?  My sewing board on Pinterest  is full of so many great ideas.  Grace insists I sew something for her but I think I'll start with these cute little quilted coasters.

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