Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Off We Go Again...

The kids and I are flying up to Sydney today.  Time to catch up with friends that we didn't see when we were there for Christmas.  I have my crocheting and knitting packed.  To me that's the best part of a flight - no excuse but to sit down and do nothing.  I'm currently working on this project (see my squares below) but I can't take scissors on the plane and I need to cut the wool many times so I don't think I can take it with me...sigh  Instead I will make these super easy wristers.
I hope that Sydney has better weather for us than Melbourne.  Mind you, it was warm here yesterday and today is suppose to be hot, but prior to that, it's been FREEZING.  I've been questioning where summer has gone.  Look at my poor boy on Saturday.  He could not get warm.

Also, I have a new favourite part of Melbourne - South Melbourne.  On Saturday we spent hours wandering the streets.  Such an amazing array of cafes and places to eat great food, a fantastic food market and stores with cool stuff that I wanted to buy.  Even the kids enjoyed looking at the stores without saying - " Can we go home now?" and to me, that is the sign of a good day
I won't have a chance to be here much this week but I hope to post some Instagrams from our time away on the weekend.

Ciao for now! x

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