Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Another Change

Well last night we had a boy who thankfully went to bed relatively early (8pm) and woke at 10pm to see of it was time to get ready for school.  His mind was obviously racing with all things school.  Thankfully he went straight back to sleep when I told him he still had another 8 hours before he needed to think about that.

Before going to bed, I caught my two little monkeys on the lounge room floor having a deep conversation.  Obviously I didn't want to interrupt, but I couldn't help but eavesdrop.  Right?  Paddy was reassuring Grace that she will be okay at school without him.  You see, this is the first time that the two of them haven't been at school together.  They check up on each other most days and I think it is a comforting thought knowing that they are there for each other.  Check out the two of them mid conversation below...
A few photos from his first day...

I'm now enjoying a 'girly' day with Gracie.  She is watching a few re-runs of The Brady Bunch and I'm having a giggle as we watch them together.

I'm counting down the time until I pick him up and hear about his day.  Fingers crossed!

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