Monday, 23 January 2012

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

We're home again!  The past week was magical in so many ways.  We were incredibly blessed by good company, wonderful weather and beautiful sunsets every evening.  There was giggles and laughter morning noon and night, late nights with the kids falling asleep as soon as they were tucked into bed, and plenty of delicious meals shared between friends.  We feel so lucky to have such dear and special friends and family.  It was a blissful week

We all came home with tired but happy bodies, and me, I came home with lots of new sewing ideas.  I visited a few of my favourite sewing stores in the city and I was inspired in so many ways.  I also came home to laundry.  Lots and lots of laundry.  And now, as much as I feel sad about leaving friends and family (again) I am ready to return to the routine of home and to get the kids ready to return to school.

It is wonderful to be back in this space.  I love 'home'.  I love being back into sewing, knitting and crocheting.  As much as I am tired and exhausted I feel so ready to create.  This is what I made last night...

I made two Note Folders last night.  Grace is going to a friends party and she will take one as a gift.  We need to go shopping together and select some special things to go inside.

The little girl who will get the Note Folder will also receive this cute little bag.  Having a daughter, I know how much fun can be had with a bag and that the right bag is important.

A bit of embellishment on the bag.  Buttons - how i love thee! 

I also created and made this little purse for Gracie.  She was given some money for Christmas and needed somewhere to keep the coins.  It has two little pockets inside (see below).

These are the wristers I made while we were away.  In fact, I made two pairs because I felt the need to knit.  I had to add a button or two.

Wishing you a happy week!


  1. I had to stop and say hello to a fellow knitter! Love that you share all of your fun projects!!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Crystal. Knitting and crocheting are my favourites way to unwind. I love your jewelry. I am in love with so many pieces in your shop - I could go crazy.