Sunday, 8 January 2012

My Word!

The concept of the word for the year is a great one.  Karri at House of Tubers mentioned her word for 2012 is - simplify.  What a fabulous word and one I try to live within my life, too. Her thoughts got me thinking...what was my word of the year?  I got about my daily routine as I thought and the word that kept hitting me was...

To cherish something reminds me to stop, reflect, notice, embrace, linger, celebrate, let go, enjoy and sometimes refocus.

As each year passes by, I find myself wanting and needing to hold on to and remember.  I feel the need to linger in the special moments and remember the faces, the voices, the love and the surroundings.

It is school holidays here and as I watch my kids play with each other I am amazed at how fast they are growing up.  Patrick is about to change school as he goes into Year Five and Grace is starting Year Two...crazy!  I know that I need to cherish these moments before they become a distant memory in time.  Thank goodness for photos (the ones on the hard drive and the ones in my heart), my blog, videos, phone calls and the folders I keep with lots of drawing, letters and cards that they have made.  I am so glad that I have made a point of documenting their lives in a variety of ways.

I am going to...

remember the moments.

Cherish the stories 

and celebrate life!

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