Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Too Many Shades of Grey

I am starting to think that I have more grey hairs on my head than the soft, smooth, obedient brown ones.  My head has been overtaken.  No matter how I do my hair, I spy them left, right and centre.  It drives me nuts.  I know that I'm at the age where I should expect to see a few, but honestly they seem to be multiplying overnight.  It costs me a small fortune to visit the hairdresser to cover them up, but right now I have no thought of leaving them grey.  I want to stay a brunette as long as I can.
The last week or so has been good for us. Spring is in the air and we're enjoying the extra dose of vitamin D.  I have never been happier to have spring here.  

I haven't uploaded photos for a while so here are some recent snaps.

One very special Aunty and Uncle, gave us tickets to Friday nights game - Hawks v's West Coast.   We are Hawk's supporters here but poor Gracie was unsure if she should go for West Coast - after all she is a 'Perth' girl.   In the end, Buddy's kicks lured her in and she stayed loyal to our local team.
We all had a fabulous time.  Thank you for the treat, Aunty E and Uncle L. xxx

We celebrated Father's Day with a special dinner on the Saturday night and on Sunday we enjoyed the beautiful day and strolled along the river.  
Thankfully our computers are back to normal speed and the kids are enjoying being back into their favourite games and sites.  

Me, I'm looking forward to getting back into some routine with my blogging.


  1. I love seeing your photos and reading your blog Jane - I missed it recently when you didn't post due to your slow internet. Thankfully it was just the internet...I was beginning to worry that something was wrong!
    Happy to see Spring here too - it seems like forever since we had lovely warm and sunny weather after the dismal summer we had. I think little Xavier has had his arms and legs covered by clothing since he was born!!

  2. Poor Xavier. I think it's time for a nappy free kick under the glorious Sydney sun. We're all well here, I just didn't get a chance to blog because a certain little mister used up all of our monthly allowance and it was crazy sitting here waiting for a page to download.