Sunday, 2 September 2012

Quiet on the Home Front

You'll have to forgive me for my lack of posting lately.  We have a boy who has used up all our band width for the month.  Our internet speed has been slowed to the point where it is frustrating to do ANYTHING on our computers.  You see, this boy of mine bought a laptop with all of his savings and birthday money and to set it up, as he 'needed', it required considerable downloads.  Right now we are all suffering because our computers are sitting idle at our family desk.

All of our creative energy has been spent reading, cooking together and getting outside for a run around.  (Spring is in the air and outside is the place to be)  I've also been catching up on some knitting (hooray!) so some finished projects are just about nearing!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads, papa's, pa's and poppy's out there!  My kids count there blessings everyday with their special 'Papa Martin'.  They're lucky kids, I tell you.

As for me, I am incredibly blessed, too.  My dad has encouraged me to embrace life and happiness.  He has also guided me to do my best, to do more and also enjoy the time when I do less.  I am ever so grateful for his loving, gentle and guiding way.  Love you dad!

(Sorry for the lack of photos in this post but the thought of sitting here forever as it uploads makes me nauseous)

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