Thursday, 13 September 2012

Displaying Art Works

It is that time of year again - art show time.  Patrick has his next week and Gracie has hers tonight.  At this time of year I reflect on the various arts that the children have created over the years and where they are displayed around our home. Displaying children's art work has always been important to us.  The kids love seeing it around the house and I think it is always a focal point when visitors come to our home.  I also believe that it's great for their self esteem.  

I know that a lot of art work is displayed on the refrigerator but we like to frame the kids best work and proudly display them on our walls.  So this morning I went around the house and snapped a few that we have on display.
This was painted by Grace when she was 6 years old.  It hangs proudly and happily in the kitchen.  Although it is tricky to see, the girl has a beautiful Japanese style print dress on and she has a huge smile that goes from ear to ear.
Gracie drew and coloured this sweet house in when we first moved to Melbourne.  The house that we lived in first was two stories and this is her interpretation of it.  
Sorry about the reflection.  It's a BAD photo but this was the first piece of art we bought at a school Art Show.  Paddy created the background and zebra when he was in Kindergarten/ Prep.  He was 5 years old.  This one hangs in Martin and my bedroom and it brings me back to a happy time when Paddy had just started school.
These little beauties are Martin's pride and joy.  Some are made by Paddy and the others by Gracie.  They were all made at pre-school (the kids were 3-4 years old).  The kids love that Martin hangs them on his bedside table.  I don't know what we would do if something happened to these.  They are irreplaceable.
When we moved to Melbourne we needed a little something for a bathroom wall, so Gracie and I got busy one day with some cardboard and paint.  She wanted something pretty for the wall and decided to create her favourite flowers - lavender.  I think it is just perfect for our wall and her little fingerprint buds warm my heart.

I love incorporating the children's art work into our home.  I'm excited to think of the new art works that will be purchased tonight and next week and where we can proudly display them.

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