Friday, 10 August 2012

The Amandas

A few months ago my sister asked me if I had watched The Amandas (Style Network - Foxtel).    
She said that every time she watched the show she thought of me and my OCD ways.

Well, I have to say my sister is right.  I have found my long lost twin sister in Amanda LeBlanc.  She is the owner of the Clutter Prescription, an organising company based in Birmingham, Alabama.  The Amandas is a reality show about her business, her employees and most importantly how she transforms lives through organisation.

I was born with the organised gene. In fact, I am a little OCD about it.  I struggle with perfection and accepting that sometimes good is not good enough.  When I hear Amanda talk about everything being perfectly organised and how she feels less anxious when things are in the right place I relate whole heartedly.

Here are some of before and after photos from her show
The Craft Room

I love how everything is tucked neatly away, is coloured co-ordinated, functional and also aesthetically pleasing.  A craft room should be a place where you can get your creative juices flowing and I think this is perfect.

The Pantry
Labels! Labels! Lables!  My pantry is filled with labelled glass jars.  I hate boxes.  As soon as I get home from the supermarket, I throw out the boxes and empty everything into the correct jar or basket.  It not only keeps the food fresh but it lets me know exactly how much of each item is left.  My kids can find whatever they need in the pantry without asking for help.

The Wardrobe

I have an obsession with matching coat hangers.  It gives the wardrobe a clean and crisp look.

My dream job would be to run or be part of a company that helps de-clutter and organise peoples lives.  Helping people purge the things that they no longer want, or rearranging the stuff that they have can be life changing. It can make a persons life less stressful and more purpose filled.  Heck, I'd even do it for free.  Maybe I could start The Amandas  franchise right here in Melbourne.


  1. I think I've found my kindred spirit!! I LOVE organisation and decluttering and labels too.

    Being organised and neat makes me feel happy and calm, which is needed with my almost 3 year old and almost 1 year old ;)

    Amazingly, I have also often thought how fun it would be to run an 'organising' business!

    1. Owning an organising business has been a dream of mine for a while. Maybe we could run it together one day.

      Like you, I am so much calmer and happier when everything is in its place. I can't go to sleep until everything is away and the house is clean and tidy. The kids are the same. Thank goodness!

      Your pre-school room was a perfect example of organisation. Everything was labelled, organised, colour coded and the students knew where everything belonged....PERFECTION.

      BTW...we had some special visitors last week. I got to meet sweet Jasper and Rosie and to catch up with Glenice. What a beautiful baby Jasper is and Glenice was beaming with love and joy. x