Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Celebrating 11!

One of the most wonderful days of my life happened nearly 11 years ago.  At exactly 10.20pm on 20th August, 2001 a 7 pound 5 ounce bundle of joy - Patrick James or Paddy Jimmy as I love to call him snuggled into my chest and filled a void that I never knew existed.  In that moment, our family became real and I became a mum.

In the words of Bryan Adams

When you love someone, you'll do anything.
You'll do all the crazy things that you can't explain.
You'll shoot the moon. Put out the sun. 
When you love someone.

The past eleven years has been filled with so much love, happiness and joy.   I look at him and I become aware of all that he is - how he expresses himself so beautifully with his action and word, how he cares for and shows love to Grace, how he can make light of the serious, for his quirky sense of humour, for the unconditional love he shares with others.  He makes me proud of all that he is.

We celebrated that happiness and joy last Friday afternoon with some of his friends.  

 Paddy specified that he wanted it to be a simple gathering.
  No games, nothing organise, just some time with his mates and that is exactly what we did.  
It was the worlds easiest party to put together.  
Of course, I had to put up a decoration (or two, or three) to make the room extra special but that was it.

I think that the boys had a good time. 
They relaxed in the television room and watched a movie.
They shared silly, crazy stories and enjoyed cake.

And, I think this nearly 11 year old of mine felt celebrated and loved.
A happy birthday, indeed.

I do believe that no party is complete without a party favour.
Paddy didn't hesitate when I suggested we thank his mates for joining him on his special day.


  1. 11. It sure is insane how time flies. Congrats on raising such a wonderful little man!

    1. It's crazy! 11! I wish that I could stop time.