Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Postcards from Sydney

Unfortunately I didn't take a lot of photos from our time in Sydney.  
I usually take loads so I'm not sure how I only ended up with a few but here is what I have.

Excitement as we board the plane in Melbourne.  

Taking it slow at my sisters house.
Paddy with his youngest cousin (my sister's daughter), Annie.
Grace was beyond thrilled to push Annie in the pram.  

Walking through the streets of Glebe with my sister's twin boys, Hamish and Liam.

My parents live in a rural part of Sydney and the kookaburras visit them daily.  
Paddy was in awe of them and loved waking up and greeting them each morning.

 My parents took the kids to Putt Putt.  I think I lost my ability to count because courses that I thought took 5 strokes, apparently only took 3.  Yes, there was the occasional scoring cheat - two guilty parties one start with P the other G!

Checking out the bookstore at Sydney airport before returning to see Martin in Melbourne.  Yes, he had to stay here and work while we headed to warmer weather in the north.  Poor Martin!
A huge apology to those that we did not get to catch up with.  
Unfortunately this trip was a quick one and we ran out of days to see everyone. 

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