Sunday, 7 October 2012


We had a wonderful weekend celebrating.  It begun on Friday when the kids and I celebrated the end of the school holidays with a visit to Eureka Tower.  From there we headed to a special boys 10th birthday.  It rolled perfectly into Saturday where we celebrated a very dear and special friends 40th.  It was one of the most perfect birthdays I have ever attended.  Full of fun, love, tears, amazing food, laughter and incredible company.  It was very grown up - the venue, the food and no kids.  However the kids weren't left out of all the celebrating.  The partying continued back at our friends home into the night and the kids joined in on the fun.  I didn't take my camera but Baby Mac has captured the day perfectly here.  Incredible, right?

I'm off for an early night - all the talking, dancing, fun and frivolities exhausted me.  Now to focus on my return to work.  It's going to be hard after such a special and memorable weekend.

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