Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Headband ~A Tutorial

Headbands are popular at our house.  I wear one when I run or when I want my hair off my face.  Gracie wears one to school, to visit a friend or while she is playing at home.  They are a cute way to spruce up the everyday hair down look.  I have made many over the years - for Gracie's friends as party favours, for school fetes and fairs and as birthday gifts for special friends.  You do not need a lot of sewing experience to make these so I have put together a tutorial so you can make some for your family and friends.  
NOTE - The dimensions below are for a 5-8 year old child.  You can work with the dimensions depending on the size of the child/adults head
What you need...

  • One rectangular piece of fabric 40cmX12cm
  • One rectangular piece of fabric 20cmX6cm
  • 12cm piece of wide elastic
  • safety pins
  • thread (matching or contrasting)
How to...

 Step One
Take the larger piece of fabric and lengthways, fold the fabric twice
Press in the side seams
Fold the smaller piece of fabric in half with right sides together and press

Step Two
Using straight stitch, sew the seams about 5mm from the edge

Step Three
Turn the small piece right side out
Using the safety pin, slide the elastic into the casing 
Secure the elastic with pins and sew into place
Step Four
Fold in the ends of the larger piece as shown below.
The width should be a little more than the width of the elastic casting piece
Stay stitch the end to secure the edge

Step Five
On one side of the larger piece tuck the elastic casing into the fold that was made at the edge (The larger piece should be right side up)
Secure with pins 
 Step Six
Sew into place

Step Seven
Trim end to reduce bulk.  Be careful not to cut stitching
Do this to the other edge of the larger piece

Step Eight
Check sizing

Enjoy making this for your little girl or make one larger for yourself.


  1. thanks, Jane! Norah will love these!

    1. She would look super cute in one! The headbands are a great way to use up all the scraps in your material stash.