Thursday, 16 May 2013

Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmations are common around our house.  We have some sitting on our coffee table, a few printed on our family typewriter, some in books and some even on the mantel.  They are not in your 'face', they are just there to read and reflect upon if you want to.  It's amazing to see how the kids use them.  Quite often I will walk into the room and see them reading one and discussing it with each other or just reading one and pondering in deep thought.  They work their magic in a quiet little way at our house.

So, what are daily affirmations?  They are simply positive and uplifting thoughts.  They make you look at the world through positive eyes and to focus on making you to be more proactive in living a joyful life.  They remind us of our purpose for being, for living.  

This week Grace has been sitting her NAPLAN test - not that I make a big deal of the test but it is a test nonetheless and I guess there must be some stress associated with it.  Anyway, Patrick and I typed out a few affirmations on our family typewriter for her.  We left them to sit so Grace could read them at her own pace and of her own doing.  Here are the affirmations that Patrick selected for her...
  1. Whenever you believe in the impossible, it becomes possible.
  2. Whatever you make your mind up to do.  YOU CAN DO IT.
  3. I learn, comprehend and understand everything I need.
  4. When I wake up in the morning, I know I will have a good day.
They seem to have her work their magic because she has come home from school each day on a high saying the tests were going well.  

Do you use daily affirmations at you house?


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